06 May, 2022

2022 Update

 We're working our way through 2022 and Beneath Your Feet is still going! I don't update this site much, so to stay up-to-date please use these sites:

30 November, 2021

Announcing a Community Giveaway!


You read that right! In an effort to spread the word about Beneath Your Feet, I'm giving away three amazing prizes to anyone subscribed to my YouTube channel and anyone who writes a review on iTunes. Yes, you can enter twice if you do both!

CLICK HERE to visit my YouTube channel

CLICK HERE to see Beneath Your Feet on iTunes

Then CLICK HERE to fill out the entry form.

Entries are over on 28 December, so do it now! Winners will be announced live on LOTROStream then contacted for their winnings. And thanks for your continued support.

19 November, 2021

Fall Update

It's been great fun to get back to releasing Beneath Your Feet consistently this year. What I've not been as consistent about is updating this site! So here are the latest episodes with links to the show on your favorite feeds. Thanks as usual to the fine folks at LOTRO Wiki for letting me use their screenshots.

I am also very close to having the YouTube channel completely up to date (that means uploading these episodes).

And I'll see you on 30 November for the next edition of the Beneath Your Feet livestream! You won't want to miss it as I'll be announcing a fun giveaway.




The Endless Stair

07 October, 2021

Beneath Your Feet on YouTube

It's come to my understanding that folks enjoy using YouTube for podcasts, so I've begun the labor of uploading livestreams and podcast episodes to a new YouTube channel. There is not much up there yet but I mean to update it regularly. Enjoy! And spread the word!

LOTRO Beneath Your Feet on YouTube

24 January, 2020

Beneath Your Feet is now on Anchor.FM

In order to help keep these episodes alive for perpetuity, I recently transferred the show to Anchor.FM since it's free hosting and a great platform. Please check out the episodes here if you like! All activity for the show will now revolve around that page.

Beneath Your Feet

They should also be back on iTunes soon and are already on Spotify and other channels. Will there be some new episodes in the future?? Maybe!

25 June, 2018

Undead Forever!

Well, for one reason or another I started thinking about this podcast and realized that it's not up for public consumption anymore because, well, I don't want to pay hosting fees. So I dug up the files and put them on Google Drive for anyone interested! Please spread the word.


14 March, 2016

An Unexpected Update

Cor Blok
Friends, I discovered a disturbing thing the other day while updating my other Blogger sites: BYF had not had a hit in over a year! It took little time to find the culprit: when I let lotrobeneathyourfeet.com expire, I neglected to redirect traffic to the blogger address! This is a shame, for though the show is more than three years dead I am still proud of it and I am grateful to +Joel Shepherd for maintaining it through LOTROPlayers.com.

So if you are a newcomer, welcome! Enjoy the show in all its glory at this link:

If you would like to see more LOTR stuff that I am currently writing for a different Tolkien-themed game, check out MasterOfLore.wordpress.com or my other podcast at GreyCompanyPodcast.com and thanks!


30 June, 2013

Hobbiton to Crickhollow

Hopefully the title didn't suggest a new episode was up! I thought the reference was appropriate, because Beneath Your Feet has a new home. Both the old podcast episodes and the current article series are now hosted by LOTROPlayers.com! Starting tomorrow (1 July) each episode will be re-released and these feeds will be updated accordingly. To kick things off, an article on the Wizard's Vale will also be released tomorrow. Have a look-see at these updated links:

Extra special thanks to Andang and Branwick for all their help and hard work in creating this wonderful new LOTRO site. Be sure to check it out and take part and enjoy each new article.

06 January, 2013

The Long Defeat

Surely this post is not wholly unexpected. The last year has been one long explanation of why each episode of Beneath Your Feet has been delayed. I won't go into lengthy explanations of why: those of you with families, social lives, full-time jobs, and other interests can put the pieces together. Perhaps the polestar of this whole thing has been my own expectations. The thought of releasing episodes haphazardly and/or at compromised quality really bugs me. Certainly there is nothing wrong when podcasts do this; there are no rules about how you do your podcast. I, however, am apparently too much of an all-or-nothing person, which has its own merits and defects. Additionally, my LOTRO time has been limited since Rohan came out and that great Ferris wheel of interest has taken a bit of a dip.

All of this is to say the BYF will be taking a permanent vacation. Certainly there is the chance that the bug will bite me again and my schedule will clear and the gears will get moving at full-speed but, for now, I must prioritize. That means the podcast gets shelved.

It is not the end, though! Beneath Your Feet will live on in written form. Merric and Goldenstar of A Casual Stroll to Mordor have graciously agreed to host Beneath Your Feet as a column on their ubiquitous blog. So all of you wonderful people who have listened and supported this endeavor will still be able to get the same information on your favorite places in Middle-earth. I just won't be reading it to you anymore.

Obviously this is not the same, but I hope you will continue to follow and enjoy learning about our favorite fantasy world together.

If you have any suggestions for places you would like covered, do email me! I'd also love some input on whether or not I should publish the scripts from previous episodes as blogs.

So, thank you! Thank you for listening and providing kind words. Thank you for subscribing and keeping up with this little podcast. Novaer! Savo 'lass a lalaith!

By way of housekeeping: the Facebook and Google+ pages will stay up for a bit longer, but will eventually be taken down. I will keep the CyberEars hosting up for a good long while as well, for later access. 

21 November, 2012

Episode 23 - Old Forest

[Direct Download]

I am joined once again by the inimitable Alberos for a trek through the oldest of forests! We talk about the various locales and its connexion with Fangorn.